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Impex Records, have created the ''Famous Blue Raincoat''  , In keeping with the tone of the original 1986 release, we have remastered (again with Bernie Grundman using Jennifer's tapes) the original tracks onto a single LP. The back jacket will contain new art featuring archival photos. Jennifer Warnes personally oversaw all aspects of the production, giving you full confidence that this new 33 RPM Famous Blue Raincoat will be top-notch in every way. Anything less would be unacceptable for one of the world's greatest audiophile pop records. Especially from Impex
תקליט איכות מבית IMPEX  RECORDS .
רמסטר מהמסטר-טייפ האנלוגי המקורי.
הדפסה מעולה , 180 גרם , ב- RTI , ארה"ב.
מחיר : 189 שח.
Ken Kessler, HiFi News, October, 2016
Certainly up there with Jazz at the Pawnshop and The Sheffield Drum Record in the permanent audiophile records "Top 10", Warnes' LP of Leonard Cohen covers beats most others in that category in that it's actually worth listening to for the music, not just the killer sound. Classic reissued this 20 years ago on its 10th anniversary and now it's back again on its 30th with a superlative pressing from Impex, who us the recent Tony Bennett/Dave Brubeck stunner. Remastered by the legendary Bernie Grundman with Warnes' input, it leaps from the speakers and even forces this writer, who would rather visit the dentist than suffer Cohen, to sit still and listen.
Rated 92% for sound !!
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נובמבר  2016
נציגות חדשה   IMPEX  RECORDS
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ג'אז , רוק  וקלאסי.

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